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BuffaLuck Wins The 29th UltraHockey Season!
Official Rules Page last updated 2021-01-14
Positions Are Frozen
As Of Wednesday 2020-12-23 @ 8:00 AM EST:
Master List: SpreadSheet - Text File
Yahoo Positions (for keepers only)
For more info, see Positions area on Rules page
Waivers (Add/Drops)
1st Round of Waivers (Add/Drops) are due by 11:59 PM EST Sunday 2021-01-17 and will be processed on Monday 2021-01-18
For more info, see the Waivers (Add/Drops) area on Rules page
UltraHockey Dates To Remember:
Wednesday 2020-12-23 @ 8:00 AM EST: Positions Frozen
Saturday 2021-01-02 @ 11:59 PM EST: Rosters Are Due
Saturday 2021-01-09 @ 10:00 AM EST: UltraHockey Draft
Sunday 2021-01-17 @ 11:59 PM EST: 1st Waivers Due
 UltraHockey Draft
Sunday 2021-01-10 @ 10:00 AM EST
New Paul's New House!
11 River Oaks Drive
Grand Island, NY 14072

You can draft remotely via Zoom
(details to come)
Pre Draft Rosters & Reserve Draft Order:
Pre Draft Rosters: 2020UltraHockeyRosters.xlsx
Reserve Draft Order: 2020reservedraft.xls
Owner Information
Messin' with Sasquatch Crystal Ballz
John Grace, Michael Logar Jeff Pofi
716-807-1281 (John) 716-254-0555
jgrace16@msn.com, raiderml@aol.com jpofi@outlook.com
Doobie Brothers Fontana Bananas
Steve Mejia (Old) Paul Fontanella
716-536-2113 716-361-6829
yellbridge@gmail.com paul.fontanella@yahoo.com
Orchard Park Rotting Mooseheads Poopla!
(New) Paul Tupis Mark Jenkins
716-601-9377 716-863-7552
paultupis@gmail.com jenks89@gmail.com
Rebels Acme Coyotes
Rob Murray (Old) Brian Stricker
514-236-7922 585-402-6300
therobmurray@gmail.com brian.stricker@gmail.com
Barry Jive & The Uptown Five BuffaLuck
(New) Brian Lakso Kevin Pofi
716-816-8649 716-361-5529
blakso@hotmail.com ultrahockey1@gmail.com