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Ultra Hockey Rules
 Last Revised 2023-09-08
2022-23 Year Specific Rules Are In FUCHSIA
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Rosters - Scoring - Auction - Reserve Draft
Positions - Salaries - Prize Money - Waivers - Trades
  • Starters: 3 Centers, 3 Right Wings, 3 Left Wings, 6 Defensemen, 3 Goalies
  • 10 Reserve Players (any position)
  • Pre-draft rosters are due by 11:59 PM EST Saturday 2023-09-16
  • No changes (trades or drops) may be made to roster during the week(s) before the draft & the end of the reserve draft
  • Late Roster Penalty: Rosters are considered 1 day late 1 minute after the submit deadline listed above.  Penalties are as follows:
    • $10 salary cap penalty for each day late
    • Loss of 1 reserve pick on draft day beginning with 1st round for each day late (2 days late = loss of 1st & 2nd round picks, 3 days = 1st, 2nd & 3rd, etc.)
      • Pick(s) can be made up after all the other teams have filled all of their reserve spots

UltraHockey Pre-Draft Rosters

Scoring Categories (10 points for 1st, 1 point for last)
  • Skaters & Goalies:
    • Total Goals
    • Total Assists
    • Total Points
    • Total Plus/Minus
    • Total Penalty Minutes
    • Total Hits
    • Total Blocked Shots
  • Goalies:
    • Goals Against Average*
    • Save Percentage*
    • Total GIndex Points (2 for Win, 1 for OT/Shootout loss)*
      *Goalies must have a minimum of 7500 minutes.  If under, team(s) will go to the bottom of all goalie categories.  If multiple teams have less than 7500 minutes, they will be ranked based on the goalie stats
  • $200 Salary Cap (last place team from previous year $195)
  • Any player that is NHL property or has played 1 NHL game is eligible
  • After a 30 second time allowance to throw out player, the top ranked CBS player at position needed will be automatically thrown out by league on behalf of said team. If more than one position needed, order will begin with C, G, RW, LW, D.
Reserve Draft
  • 1st Round: 2nd from last draft 1st, then last place, then in reverse of finish
  • Remaining rounds are last to 1st
  • Any player that is NHL property or has played 1 NHL game is eligible
  • Prospects drafted in the Reserve Draft may be kept on the Reserve Roster until they loose their rookie* status (25+ NHL games) or are inserted into your starting lineup
  • Reserve picks have no salary for 2 years
  • Salary for reserve players is determined by the reserve round in which they were picked
    • 1st Round = $5
    • 2nd Round = $4
    • 3rd Round = $3
    • 4th Round = $2
    • 5th - 10th Round = $1
 * Rookie Qualifications:
To be considered a rookie, a player must not have played in more than 25 NHL games in any preceding seasons, nor in six or more NHL games in each of any two preceding seasons. Any player at least 26 years of age (by September 15th of that season) is not considered a rookie.

UltraHockey Reserve Draft Sheet

  • A players auction price or free-agent bid price is his salary for 2 years
  • Contracts
    • Tier 1: Original salary plus $5 per contract year with 1st year free
      • Option Year: 1 year at the same original salary & can not be signed to a Tier 2 contract
    • Tier 2: Existing salary plus $10 per contract year
Prize Money
  • League fees for the season are $110 ($100 to the prize fund, $10 to cover the cost of CBS Sportsline)
  • Money received from player buyouts will be added to the prize fund
  • Payout's:
    • 1st = 50%
    • 2nd = 25%
    • 3rd = 15%
    • 4th = 10%
 * Tie Breaker:
The team that is ahead of the other team in more categories.
Waivers (Add/Drop's)
  • No Waivers (Add/Drop's) will be allowed until your League Dues are paid in full.
  • Each team is allotted $75 per year for free agents
  • The deadline is 11:59 PM ET on the Sunday before the next scoring week
  • 1st Round of Add/Drops will be processed on Monday 2023-10-16
  • Waivers (Add/Drop's) are to be submitted via the CBS website, as well as emailed* in the following format:
    • Pick up # POS: $ PLAYER1 TEAM - In for PLAYER2 & drop PLAYER3
    • * Use This Link To Email In Transactions OR make sure the Subject of the email is:
      UltraHockey Free Agent Bids For XXXXXX
      (change XXXXXX to your team name)
      The reason for this is simple: Mark has a filter set up based on that email Subject where the Add/Drop requests go into a folder & NOT his Inbox, where he could see something like this:

      Mark doesn't have a lot of will power, so PLEASE don't tempt him to out bid you by accidentally letting him know who you're picking up!
      (Mark also likes talking in the 3rd person)
  • A player must be on a NHL team's roster the Friday before he can be picked up.
  • Any player added MUST remain in your starting lineup for 1 period (7 days)
  • Any player with a bid of $15+ must be retained the following year
  • Picking up a player that was previously dropped from a roster:
    • Prior to Trade Deadline #2 - minimum bid = $1
    • After Trade Deadline #2 - Minimum bid must be player's previous salary (previous contract years & tier are not carried over unless picked up by dropping team, which all will remain the same)  A player's previous salary should be listed on the player's page on the CBS website.  If you do not bid at least the player's previous salary, you will NOT get him.
  • If a contract player (Tier 1 or 2) with 1+ years left on their contract are dropped (bought out) it will cost:
    • Real Money: His salary multiplied by the years left on his contract (not including his current/upcoming season)
    • Salary Cap: His salary multiplied by the years left on his contract (not including his current/upcoming season)
      * Read
      HERE for more info.
  • If a contract player (Tier 1 or 2)  is in the last year of their contract, they can be dropped without penalty after Week 1 with the regular Add/Drop's
  • No Trades will be allowed until your League Dues are paid in full.
  • ALL trades should be done via the Trade Page on the CBS Website.  If draft picks are involved, simply reply/post with the info to the Transaction Notification that is posted on the CBS Message Board or via the link in the Transaction Email that is sent out.  Do NOT email in your trade.
  • Trade Deadline #1 - 11:59 PM ET on the night of the All-Star game or 1st day of the Olympics * Saturday February 3rd
    • Any player(s) can be traded for any other player(s)
  • Trade Deadline #2 - 11:59 PM ET 1st Sunday in March * Sunday March 3rd
    • An asterisk player may only be traded if one is received back
      • An asterisk player is one in the final year of his contract (Tier 1 or 2) or has a salary of $25+
  • Odd number trades must include the player(s) being dropped by the team receiving the extra player(s)
    • If this is not done, the team with the extra player(s) will loose the stats for the players traded as well as the stats for those received